VERBS [****]

The year is 2500 and people have found a time capsule. Choose the correct answers to complete the mini dialogues.

 A: I can't wearing this. What did people use them for?

 B: They probably used them to their eyes from the sun.

 A: I what this is.

 B: Maybe people used it to information.

 A: Do you think people used this to food?

 B: No, I think they used it to food.

 A: I can't this.

 B: I think people used it to to each other.

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Complete the sentences with the words in the box. Be careful! There are more words than you need!

sign * identify * portrays * hid * wonder * represents * include

a) The test will everything you have learned this month.

b) The writer the main character as an honest and good man.

c) The witness couldn't the burglar.

d) Each flag a country.

e) Don't forget to your name here.

f) The dog the bone.

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Choose the right verb for each definition.

a) understand something that is not clear

b) keep something in good condition

c) say who or what something is

d) write your name on a letter or document

e) describe someone or something in a particular way

f) put something in a place where nobody can see it

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Look at the verb in bold and choose the correct answer to complete the sentence.

a) People can type on a . [mouse / screen / keyboard]

b) When you can't make sense of something, you can't it. [understand / represent / preserve]

c) To browse the Internet is to for information. [post / search / delete]

d) People wonder about things they . [don't like / want to know / don't want to know]

e) When an antenna transmits information, it it. [sends / receives / holds]

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