TRAVEL [****]

What do you see in the pictures? Use the words in the box.

accommodation * mobile home * high-speed train * coach * station * airline * flight * luggage
fare * passengers * airport * countryside

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Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

airport * countryside * accommodation * fare * passengers * convenient * airline * flight * trip
mobile home * journey * station

a) What time is your ?

b) The takes about three hours by car.

c) The train to London is expensive.

d) We don't arrive at a very time.

e) The wasn't very good. The hotel was dirty.

f) That doesn't flight to China.

g) There were a lot of on the train. We couldn't sit down.

h) Passengers have to be at the two hours before their flight.

i) I like looking at the while we are travelling.

j) You can walk to the train from here.

k) We travel and sleep in our .

l) At the end of a wonderful day, they began the long home.

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Complete the puzzle according to the clues and find the hidden word.

1) The place to start a train journey. 1
2) Another word for 'trip'. 2
3) You catch a flight here. 3
4) A good time and place for everyone. 4
5) You put your clothes in this. 5
6) A company with aeroplanes. 6

The hidden words is

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