Look at the pictures and complete the chart with the words in the box.

timetable * platform * standard class * first class * coach * route * return ticket
single ticket * catch a bus * miss a bus

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Complete the dialogue with the words in the box.

single tickets * missed the train * timetable * catch the train * return tickets * airport * station
Sue: Hurry up, Tim. We have to buy our tickets at the .
Tim: OK. Do we need ?
Sue: No, John's mum is driving us home, so we should get .
Tim: Sue, look at the timetable! The train to York leaves at 9.30. It's already 9.45.
We have !
Sue: Don't worrry, Tim. We'll at 10.30. We won't be late.

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Choose the right option to complete the sentences.

a) Go to platform 3! You will the train there.

b) John ran very fast, but he couldn't the bus.

c) The concert is on Thursday and we arrive on Friday. We'll the concert.

d) Put your mobile in your bag or you'll it.

e) We will the flight if we aren't at the airport before 10.00.

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Complete the sentences with the verbs in the box.

passengers * timetable * countryside * flight * journey * luggage * first class
return ticket * mobile home * convenient

a) He woke up late and missed the .

b) To travel in both directions, buy a .

c) The are getting on the plane.

d) It's a long . The train stops at every station.

e) I don't want to take a night train. It isn't .

f) tickets are expensive.

g) He looked at the to see when his flight was leaving.

h) A is a house on wheels.

i) Poor Anne! She has lost her .

j) They bought a house in the .

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