Look at the videos and write the verbs in the box in the right place.

browse * type * scroll * delete * insert * drag * click * send

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Choose the correct answer to complete the sentences.

a) Rick's band is going to a song at a professional studio tomorrow. [record / store / transmit]

b) If you me a picture, I'll post it on my website. [post / send / type / search]

c) This radio station to millions of people around the world. [records / search / transmits]

d) Let's for pictures on your computer and them on this USB flash drive. [send / search / store / scroll]

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What should these people do to solve the problems? Choose the correct answers.

a) Jack wants to show his holiday photographs to all his Facebook friends.

He should them on Facebook.

b) Andy is looking at the words of a song on his computer, but he can't see the whole song.

He should down.

c) Laura needs to find out about the history of mobile phones.

You should the Internet and for information.

d) Mike has got too many songs on his computer, but he doesn't want to delete any of them.

He should them on a hard disk.

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