Write the names of the different types of TV programmes in the box under the right picture.

quiz * advert * sitcom * soap opera * reality TV * documentary * cartoon * chat show * crime drama 

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What type are these programmes?

The Wheel of Fortune

El Hormiguero

First Dates

Amar es para siempre

La isla de los famosos

Hawaii 5.0

Planeta Tierra

CSI Miami

La que se avecina

The Simpsons

Los desayunos de TVE

Pokemon XY


Saber y ganar

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Complete the dialogue with words from the first exercise.

Ben: Did you watch Illegal last night?
Amy: No, I don't usually watch . I don't understand why people enjoy watching programmes about criminals and murder.
Ben: What type of programmes do you like?
Amy: I like . My favourite is Family Life. It's very funny. I also like . I'm interested in the lives of ordinary people - not just actors. But my favourite programme is How to be a millionaire. It's a where you can win a lot of money.

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