What would you say in these situations? Choose the expressions from the box. Be careful with the punctuation marks!

Congratulations! * Good luck! * No, thanks. * Have a nice trip! * Merry Christmas! * Well done!
How do you do? * Bless you! * Welcome!

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Sue and Jean meet during a break at school. Complete their dialogue with the expressions in the box. Be careful, there are more expressions than you need!

see you then * I'd love to come * no, thanks * bless you * good luck * well done * welcome back * thank you
Sue: Hi Jean, ! When did you return from Switzerland?
Jean: Hi Sue. I arrived yesterday morning. I have got some delicious Swiss chocolate. Would you like some?
Sue: . I'm on a diet. I have already lost three kilos.
Jean: !
Sue: I want to hear about your trip. Marge and I are going shopping after school. Why don't you join us?
Jean: but I can't. I have got a maths test tomorrow.
Sue: So why don't we meet tomorrow afternoon?
Jean: That's great. , Sue.
Sue: See you, Jean, and on your maths test.

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Complete the mini-dialogues with correct social expressions.

A: Would you like a sandwich?

B: . I have just eaten.

A: Would you like to come to the cinema with me tonight?

B: but I have to visit my grandparents tonight.

A: Let's meet at the shopping centre this afternoon.

B: OK. Let's meet at half past four.

A: Right. .

A: I have just returned from England.

B: ! Did you enjoy your holiday?

A: I have an appointment with the dentist. One of my teeth need to be pulled out.

B: ! I wish everything goes well.

A: Thank you for helping me with the project.

B: .

A: I'm flying to London tomorrow.

B: !

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