Choose the correct answers to show that you understand the verbs in italics.

a) You announce . [results / an advert / reasons / money]

b) You complain that a cat is . [exotic / mistreated / black / lovely]

c) You admit a . [mistake / prize / person / pizza]

d) You explain the . [winner / animals / problem / computer]

e) You shout when you are . [sleeping / ashamed / careful / furious]

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Match the beginnings of each pair of sentences to their correct endings.

A) The city agreed plans to build a new animal shelter.
B) The city anounced to build a new animal shelter.
A) The vet explained to John that not all snakebites were dangerous.
B) The vet warned John that some snakebites were dangerous.
A) Susy mentioned not to be late.
B) Susy promised that she would probably be late.

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Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

warned * admitted * mentioned * shouted * complained

a) Marge that her dog had destroyed the neighbour's flowers.

b) The vet Jill not to feed her fish more than once a day.

c) John's father about the mess that the dog had made.

d) Henry at the boy who was throwing rocks at a cat.

e) Joanna that she had met Dan the day before.

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