Write the words in the box under the right picture.

stretching * work out * gym * personal trainer * relax * lose weight * put on weight * lift weights * treadmill

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Choose the correct answer to complete the sentences so that you show that you understand the words in italics.

a) To relax, you can . [sit in a jacuzzi / run a marathon / ride a bike]

b) To get fit, you have to . [put on weight / exercise / lifestyle]

c) If you put on weight, you are . [thinner / weighter / fatter]

d) In a stretching class, you will . [run on a treadmill / lift weights / lift your legs]

e) In a gym, you can . [work out / get an injection / personal trainer]

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Complete the text with the words in the box. Be careful, there are more words than you need!

get * lifestyle * achieve his goal * gym * personal trainer * treadmill * working out * lose * weight

Bob never used to exercise, but a month ago, he decided to change his and he joined a . Bob is trying to in shape and weight. Right now, he is with his . I'm sure Bob will .

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