HEALTH [****]

Write the words in the box under the right picture.

pills * injection * broken foot * cough * headache * toothache * stomach ache * sore throat
swollen * runny nose * rash * injury * injured * breathe

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Do these words refer to treatments or to symptoms?

cough sore throat severe pain
cure pills allergic reaction
can't breathe swollen vaccine
injection rash toothache

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Complete the sentences with words from the exercise above.

a) Richard shouted at his brother all morning. Now he's got a .

b) There is a lot of smoke in the room, so Anne can't well.

c) Jessie has eaten too much chocolate. Now she has got a .

d) Cindy is allergic to cats. Every months she gets an at the doctor's office.

e) Greg has just had a skiing accident and he can't move his left leg. Maybe he has got a .

f) Heather has just shut the door on her finger. Now it is .

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