Write the names of the disasters in the box under the right picture.

eruption * earthquake * flood * fire * landslide * tornado * tsunami * hurricane * hunger

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Choose the correct answers. Then match the sentences with places in the map.

There was a big [eruption / flood / volcano] in Venice in 2009. Water covered most of the city centre. 
Some places in Brazil are in danger of [earthquake / landslides / survivors] when there is heavy rain. In 2010, falling rocks and [mud / ash / fire] covered buildings and killed over 150 people.
In 1975, an [an earthquake / a volcano / a landslide] struck northeast China. It was 7.3 on the Richter scale. Scientists [injured / trapped / predicted] this disaster, so people left the area in time.
In April 2010, a [volcano / flood / landslide] erupted in Iceland. Because of the [survivors / rocks / eruption] there was a lot of [mud / ash / rocks] in the air. Many flights were cancelled because it was too [injured / dangerous / collapsed] to fly.

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Complete the sentences with the correct word.

a) We never know where an earthquake will .

b) Some people are under the building.

c) We are trying to help the of the earthquake.

d) The building isn't . Don't go near it.

e) People were to leave the area before the hurricane arrived.

f) Tom was in the earthquake. He broke three bones.

g) The fell down the mountain and hit the trees.

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Look at the pictures and complete the chart with words in the box. Be careful! There are more words than you need!

flames * homeless * smoke * shelter * ash * drown * mud * missing

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Read about the emergencies in column A and match them to the sentences in column B.

a) Rescuers are searching for victims. Call the lifeguard.
b) Look, a man is drowning! Jason has had a terrible accident.
c) What a tragedy! There must be a fire.
d) I see smoke and flames. They have entered a collapsed building.
e) The hiker found shelter under a tree. Luckily, no one was hurt.
f) They put out the fire. He waited for the rain to stop.

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Complete the text with the words in the box. Be careful! There are more words than you need!

burned * missing * broke out * flames * aid * homeless * smoke * hit
The San Francisco fire of 1906 began when an earthquake the city. Fires in severalplaces. The fires for three days and much of the city was destroyed. Many residents became . was sent to the city from around the country. Rescue workers spent weeks searching for people. About three thousand people were killed in the disaster.

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Complete the sentences with words from the box. Be careful! There are more words than you need!

rocks * struck * eruption * tragedy * drowned * volcano * ash * warned
homeless * trapped * aid * searching

a) Mr and Mrs Brown were for two months after their house was destroyed by fire.

b) Police are for the missing child.

c) Florida is often by hurricanes.

d) He was injured by falling while he was climbing a mountain.

e) After a natural disaster, is often sent from around the world.

f) She was in a collapsed building.

g) Mary lost her house in a flood. What a !

h) A can erupt more than once.

i) The residents were about the hurricane two days before it hit.

j) The man because he went swimming where there was no lifeguard.

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Choose the correct phrasal verb to complete these sentences.

a) The fire in the kitchen.

b) Jane doesn't want to that problem.

c) If we don't succeed this time, I will .

d) This volcano is dangerous. We must from it.

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