CRIME [****]

Write the words in the box next to the correct definition. Be careful! There are more words than you need.

rob * arrest * investigate * witness * punish * burglar * hijack * law * crime * gang * suspect * mug * prison

a) To take an aeroplane or other vehicle by force or threat:

b) A person who steals things from houses:

c) A group of people associated for some criminal purpose:

d) A person who is believed to have committed a crime:

e) To catch a criminal by legal authority:

f) A place for keeping people accused of a crime:

g) To examine, study or search:

h) A person who has seen a crime:

i) An activity against the law:

j) To attack or assault, usually to rob:

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Complete the sentences with the words in the box. Be careful! There are more words than you need.

murder * punished * witness * prison * surrendered * broke the law * shot * judge

a) The burglars to the police.

b) Tom so the police arrested him.

c) There was a terrible in our neighbourhood. An old man was killed in his home.

d) Kate didn't come home on time, so her parents her.

e) The thief had a gun and he the woman.

f) A saw the crime and called the police.

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Complete these two crime reports with the words in the box. Be careful! There are more words than you need.

witness * broken the law * mugged * stole * shot * arrested * criminals * robbed * investigating * hijack

Police are a murder which took place yesterday. Charles Jones was walking home when he was by a thief. The thief put a gun to his head and said, "Give me your wallet ot I'll shoot." Jones gave the man his wallet, but there was only a little money. The man became angry and Jones. A in a restaurant nearby called the police, but it was too late.

A jewellery shop was last night. The thief more than £20,000 of jewellery. Police have a suspect, Timothy Kane, who was seen near the shop just before the robbery. Kane said, "I have never ." But according to the police, Kane has been in and out of prison since he was a boy.

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Complete the text.

Two t stole £500 from Mel's shop. One of them s the shop assistant when she tried to phone the police. When the police arrived, they interviewed several w . Later, they a Joe Horn. Horn is a member of the Tiger g and in the past he has broken the l , although he has never been guilty of m . Horn hasn't told the police who r the shop with him. The police are still in . One s is another member of Horn's gang.


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