ART [****]

Write the words in the box under the right picture.

canvas * watercolours * sculpture * ink * sketch * clay * charcoal * oil * landscape * portrait
masterpiece * abstract * realistic * exhibition * brush

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Complete the descriptions of these famous paintings with the words in the box. Be careful! There are more words than you need.

masterpiece * abstract * realistic * sketch * portrait * clay * drawing * exhibitions * bronze * charcoal
Black Square and Red Square is by Russian painter Kasimir Malevitch. As you can see, it's one of his many paintings.
The painting Arrangement in Grey and Black: The Artist's Mother by US artist James Whistler is a of his mother. It is owned by a museum in Paris but it is shown in around the world.
Backyards is a by Vincent Van Gogh - one of the most famous artists who has ever lived.
US artist Edward Hopper painted scenes from everyday life. Nighthawks portrays people in a restaurant late at night. It's Hopper most famous painting and it's considered a US .

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