How do these people feel? Look at the pictures and write the adjectives in the box under the right picture.

bored * frightened * worried * upset * exhausted * angry * confused
proud * thrilled * excited * embarrassed * surprised

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Choose the correct adjective.

a) Jack didn't understand the instructions. He was . [proud / confused / excited]

b) Joe broke Tom's bike. Tom was very . [angry / bored / embarrassed]

c) Rita's dog is ill. She is very . [surprised / exhausted / worried]

d) Jill worked all night. In the morning, she was . [exhausted / surprised / embarrassed]

e) Bill won the competition. He was . [upset / thrilled / frightened]

f) The teacher expelled Tim from the lesson because he was talking all the time. Tim was . [excited / proud / embarrased]

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Complete the sentences with the adjectives in the box.

proud * confused * excited * upset * worried

a) Diane was because Andrew didn't want to dance with her at the party.

b) If I don't phone my parents soon, they will be .

c) I am of my tennis medal. I worked very hard to win it.

d) You are going to Ireland next week. Are you very ?

e) My parents were when they saw my marks because I got 100 in maths and art, but I only got 50 in science and history.

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Complete the sentences with adjectives from exercise 1.

a) I haven't slept for 24 hours. I am .

b) I can't find my dog. I am very .

c) Help! There is a mouse in my room. I am of mice.

d) This film isn't interesting. I am .

e) Ben took my new jeans and he didn't ask me. I am .

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