Complete the words to make sentences.

a) We lost our l during our journey to China, but we still enjoyed the holiday.

b) The room quickly filled with black s after the fire began. We couldn't breathe.

c) Let's meet at the train station on p 5 to catch the train.

d) The residents were t in the collapsed building. The firefighters had to rescue them.

e) Hollywood actresses often wear t clothes. They always look fashionable.

f) F food is not healthy. It's very oily and it has got a lot of fat.

g) Bill likes the c more than the city because it is quieter.

h) We will fly in February because the f are lower than in summer.

i) Don't take the r through the mountains. It's too dangerous even if you have a map.

j) It is d to drink water there because it is polluted.

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