Choose the correct answers from the box to complete the text.

1) will disappear / disappear / have disappeared
2) has / had had / had
3) used / was used / has used
4) have disapeared / disappears / had disappeared
5) that / when / where


Thailand's elephants 1 unless people do something. In 1900, 80% of Thailand was forest and Thailand 2 more than 100,000 elephants. But land 3 to build houses.

By 1986, a lot of the forests 4 . This hurt the elephants. Today, there are only 6,000 elephants. The animals 5 have survided are often taken to entertain tourists.

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Complete the text with the words in the box.

considerate * her * (GCHE) * just * own * since * that * told * so * very * used * where * will


Debra Berger was cleaning the bath when husband, Joe, came home from work. He wasn't happy when he walked in and saw a wet dog that had finished its bath. Debra explained she had found it that morning. She said that it had looked very sad, she had to take it home.
"I will take care of her," she Joe. "You won't even know she is here."
Debra's love of animals began as a child. As a young girl, she to spend hours playing with the family dog. Later, she started volunteering for animal protection organisations. She hasn't stopped then.
In 2009, Debra and two friends decided to open their organisation - the Georgia Center for Humane Education . To be humane is to be and thoughtful. Each week, they visit schools they teach students about being considerate of animals. According
to Debra, "If children treat animals kindly, they treat each other kindly, too."

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