Choose the correct answers from the box to complete the text.

1) where / who / which
2) influenced / is influenced / was influenced
3) has known / knew / is known
4) would have looked / will look / have looked
5) has moved / had moved / is moved

6) had begun / began / was beginning
7) became / had become / has become
8) use to travel / used to travel / was travelling
9) exhibits / was exhibited / is exhibited
10) has remembered / remember / is remembered
Georgia O'Keeffe was an American artist 1 became famous in the 1920s. She 2 by the landscapes of the Southwest. O'Keeffe 3 for her paintings of huge flowers, rocks and animals. If she hadn't travelled to the Southwest, her work 4 very different. O'Keeffe began painting in watercolour in the 1910s. However, in the 1920s, after she 5 to New York, she 6 painting in oil. Her work sold well and she 7 rich. O'Keeffe loved the landscapes of the Southwest, so she 8 in the desert to get ideas for her work. Still today, O'Keeffe work 9 in museums all over the world and she 10 as an important painter.

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Complete the text with the words in the box.

accident * art * alcohol * but * canvas * drunk * most * museums * paint
while * which * realistic * time * years * 1956



Jackson Pollock was studying in New York in the 1930s, he wanted to do something different. So he created a new style of painting was totally abstract. He didn't want to paint art. When he worked, he used to put his on the floor and pour paint on it! He liked moving the around the canvas with cooking tools and sticks. The result wasn't similar to anything that painters were doing at that . Pollock quickly became one of the famous artists in the USA. his career didn't last long. He had started drinking many years before he became a successful artist. In , he was killed in a car after he had too much alcohol. More than 50 after Pollock's death, his work is still shown in around the world.

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Choose the correct expressions to complete the dialogue.

Sue: These sculptures are similar because they so smooth.
Amy: Yes, and it sculptures are made of glass.
Sue: But the sculptures are different because sculpture A is , but sculpture B is complex.
Amy: Right. two parts, but sculpture B is made of many elaborate parts.
Sue: Also, sculpture A is quite dull, but sculpture B is .

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