Choose the correct answers to complete the text.

1) many / much / any
2) often say / have often said / often said
3) will make / would have made / would make
4) where / that / who
5) said / say / will say

6) invented / have invented / were inventing
7) more popular than / the most popular / popularer than
8) something / somewhere / anything
9) bought / have bought / were buying
10) are / was been / will be

The theme of 1 computer games is war. Kids spend hours in front of a screen trying to kill things. When parents complain, people 2 things like, "If kids liked games about flowers and birds, companies 3 them. They prefer to play war games." Do kids really only like games 4 are violent? If you ask the people at the company RedOctane, they 5 no. They 6 the game Guitar Hero in 2005. In Guitar Hero, players play an electric guitar while watching a rock band perform on the computer screen. Guitar Hero soon became one of 7 games in the world and there isn't 8 violent in it. Twenty-five million people 9 Guitar Hero so far. Several famous rock bands, like Aerosmith and Metallica, let the company use their music. In the future, we hope there 10 other exciting and non-violent games like Guitar Hero.

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Complete the text with the words in the box. Be careful! There are more words than you need!

healthy * America * popular * who * many * everywhere * juice * funny
scientists* drink * invented * brain * not * would * much


"Don't drink too much cola. It's not healthy." How times have you heard that sentence? Today, parents want their children to drink milk, or water. It's hard to believe, but people used to think that cola was a healthy . John Pemberton is the scientist invented it in 1885 after he had become interested in the coca plant from South . This plant was used as a medicine, so Pemberton wanted to make a drink with it. If the drink tasted good, many people buy it, he thought, and he could make a lot of money. First, he invented a cola wine. He told people it was na "intellectual" drink and that it was good for the . Several years later, he modern cola. Today, people drink cola . If you walk into a supermarket almost anywhere in the world, you will find it on the shelves. Cola is considered a healthy drink any more, but it's still as as it was a hundred years ago.

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