Choose the correct answers from the box to complete the box.

1) reads / has read / will read
2) used to teach / was teaching / has taught
3) cleverer / clever / cleverest
4) has spent / will spend / spent
5) he chose / did he choose / has he chosen

6) which / who / where
7) By the time / As soon as / After
8) had seen / has seen / will see
9) stopped / stops / has stopped
10) sends / is sending / has sent

Theodore Kaczynski is an unusual prisoner. He 1 books about philosophy and he 2 maths. He is one of the 3 criminals in prison. Why is he there?
He 4 18 years making bombs and sending them to people. How 5 his victims? He sent bombs to people 6 he didn't like. For example, according to Kaczynski, technology was destroying the world, so he sent a bomb to a computer engineer.
7 the police caught him, he had killed three people and injured 23. He was found after police had published one of his letters in the newspaper. His brother called them after he 8 the letter. Kaczynski 9 since he was arrested but he still 10 letters, usually about politics and the environment.
Theodore Kaczynski

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Complete the text with the words in the box.

hours * April * dead * costs * her * before * sunglasses * many * strangest * daughter * had * where

An Unusual Passenger

people have committed crimes at airports over the years. But in 2010, one of the crimes in airport history was committed. Police arrested Gitta Jarant and her Anke at the airport in Liverpool after they tried to get on a flight to Germany with Mr Jarant.

There was one problem − 91-year-old Curt Jarant had died twelve before the flight. they arrived at the airport, they had put Mt Jarant's body in a wheelchair and had covered his eyes with . Airport workers realised that the man was when he didn't move. Mrs Jarant said that they were trying to take him home to Germany because husband wanted to be buried in the country he was born. The women were probably trying to save money. Transporting a dead body a lot more than the price of a plane ticket.

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