Complete the sentences with the words in the box. Be careful! There are more words than you need.

who * which * now * something * when * by * where * anywhere * where * often * ever * from
One hundred students Uganda were walking home there was a flood. They found shelter in a shop, but there was they didn't know. A landslide was on its way. Suddenly, the shop they were waiting was hit mud and falling rocks. In the past, landslides didn't occur so in Uganda. That is because there used to be more trees, helped stop the landslides. landslides are a serious problem.

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Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

a)  She never (see) a volcano.

b)  you (sleep) when the storm began?

c)   We (not fly) to Italy when I was young. We used to take a train.

d)  I think I (watch) the football game tomorrow.

e)  It (not rain) for two weeks. The ground is very dry.

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Choose the correct answers to complete the text.

An Amazing Story

In July 1960, Jim Honeycutt, Roger Woodward and his sister, Deanne 1 on the Niagara River when their boat turned over. All three of them were thrown into the water. Two tourists 2 were standing on the riverbank saw Deanne and rescued her. Roger went over the Niagara Falls. Amazingly, he wasn't killed. The captain of a boat 3 was sailing at the bottom of the falls 4 his orange lifejacket and rescued him. At age seven, he was 5 person to go over the falls and survive. Jim Honeycutt also went over the falls, but he wasn't 6 Roger. Rescue workers searched for him but they couldn't find him 7 . Four days later, a tourist discovered his body in the Niagara River. Since the accident, Roger and Deanne Woodward 8 famous. Roger has told his amazing story to 9 people. "After 43 years," he said, "I still 10 it like it happened yesterday."

1) are sailing / were sailing / have sailed
2) where / which / who
3) who / where / when
4) see / seen / saw
5) younger than / the youngest / as young as

6) luckier than / as lucky as / the luckiest
7) anywhere / somewhere / anything
8) are becoming / will become / have become
9) much / many / any
10) remembers / remembered / remember

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