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The Guildford Four

On 5th October, 1974, bombs exploded in two pubs in Guildford, England. Five people were killed, and 65 were injured.

In December, the police arrested three men and a woman − Gerry Conlon, Paul Hill, Patrick Armstrong and Carole Richardson − known as the Guildford Four. Gerry, Paul and Patrick were from Belfast, Northern Ireland. They had arrived in England a few months before to look for work and have some fun. They weren't model citizens, but they had never committed violent crimes and they were not involved in the bombings.

The police wanted to solve the case quickly. They used violence to get confessions from the suspects. Later, Gerry's father, Giuseppe Conlon, and six members of the Maguire family were arrested. All the suspects were innocent, but they were all found guilty and they went to prison for up to 15 years.

Years later, Gerry Conlon's lawyer discovered some surprising facts. According to Conlon, a man had seen him in a park just before the bombs exploded. The police had found this witness, Charles Burke, but they had hidden their discovery from Conlon's lawyers. They had also changed the suspects' stories to make them seem guilty.

While they were in prison, Giuseppe Conlon told his son Gerry, "They put us in here by the back door, you make sure you get out by the front door!" Then, finally, on 19th October, 1989, nine years after his father had died as a prisoner, Gerry Conlon did just that. The court found that the Guildford Four were innocent of the bombings. Gerry Conlon left the court through the front door. He said, "I have been in prison for something I did not do. I am totally innocent."

Jerry Conlon leaving court in 1989

Choose the sentences in the order they happened.








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Answer these questions about the text. Use short answers.

a) When did he bombs explode? , .

b) How many people died?

c) Where were the three men from? , .

d) How long were they sent to prison? .

e) Who was Charles Burke? .

f) When did Giuseppe Conlon die? .

g) When were the Guildford Four released from prison? , .

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Complete the sentences with information from the text.

a) Gerry Conlon had lived in Ireland before he .

b) The police wanted to get confessions so .

c) The police knew Gerry was probably not guilty because .

d) The police wanted to make the suspects look guilty, so .

e) Giuseppe Conlon didn't walk out of prison with his son because .

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