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Read the article and do the exercises below.


Comic strips, or comics, are pictures that tell a story. The colours in comics are unusually bright and the characters don't look realistic. Comics are often printed in newspapers. Readers enjoy them because they are usually funny. But comics are also a form of art and they are even exhibited in art galleries and museums.

As in the world of painting, many different styles of comics are used. The most popular one is called "cartoony". The faces and bodies of the characters are often round and fat and details are missing. For example, a character like Bart Simpson can have four fingers instead of five.

Other comics are more realistic. Think about Superman comic strips, for example. Using the word 'realistic' to describe this imaginary action hero probably sounds strange. After all, Superman didn't sit for his portrait. But Joe Shuster, the artist who drew the first Superman sketch, understood the human body very well. Superman was created with muscles in all the right places. If you spent enough time doing sport, you would probably look a lot like him. However, you could never look like Bart Simpson.

There are also some abstract comics. Their style is more similar to a Jackson Pollock painting than to any comic you see in a newspaper.

People will never call comic masterpieces. The Mona Lisa will always cost more than a picture of Superman. But the best comics are created by very talented artists, and like great works of art, they will probably be part of our culture for many years.

Complete the sentences with information from the text.

a) Many people like reading comic because .

b) The parts of the body of "cartoony" characters aren't realistic because .

c) It's strange to call pictures of Superman 'realistic' because he is .

d) The writer compares abstract comics to 's pictures.

e) The Mona Lisa is mentioned as an example of .

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Answer these questions about the text. Use short answers.

a) What types of colours are usually used in comics?


b) Name three places where people can see comics. Write them in the order of appearance.

, and .

c) How are comic art and traditional paintings similar?

In both cases .

d) How many fingers has Bart Simpson got?


e) Why are the Superman comics realistic?

Because .

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