READING [****]

Read these articles and do the exercises below.


The room is full. In the centre, George and Virgil are facing each other. Virgil attacks first. He tears a hole in George's leg. After ten minutes, it looks like George is going to lose. But George is strong and fights back. For a while, he manages to attack Virgil, but Virgil just keeps biting him. [A]

Shocking, isn't it? You have just read about a dogfight. In most countries, organised dog fighting is illegal, which is why it's often hidden from the public. The fight between George and Virgil took place in an abandoned building. Like boxing matches, dogfights end when one of the "players" can't move. But there is one difference. In a dogfight, the loser often dies. The dogs used in this cruel sport are pit bulls - tough, athletic dogs with a strong bite. Although they are considered by many to be natural fighters, they are trained by their owners to behave violently. [B]


Jeremy saw a cat on the train tracks near his house after a big snowstorm. He shouted at the cat that it had to get off the tracks, but the cat just looked at him. Then, he understood that the ground had frozen and the cat couldn't move. Jeremy ran to a police station and asked a police officer if he could help the animal. Jeremy tookk the officer to the cat and together they pulled him off the tracks. [C] If Jeremy hadn't got help, the cat would have died. The officer told Jeremy that he would receive an award for his actions. Jeremy is the hero of the month.

Where in the texts above would you include these sentences? Write the letters in the right box.

This include hitting them, keeping them in small cages and not feeding them regularly.

There is blood everywhere.

A train passed a minute later.

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Answer these questions about the text. Use short answers.

a) Why are dogfights held in secret?

Because they are .

b) How are dogfights different from boxing matches?

The dog that loses .

c) Why are pitbulls used in dogfights?

Because they are and and they have .

d) Why didn't the cat react when Jeremy called it?

Because and it .

e) Who helped Jeremy to rescue the cat?


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