LISTENING: TV Programmes [****]

Listen to an interview with Susan, who works for a TV station. Write T if the sentence is True or F if the sentence is False.

Susan decides what TV programmes are about.

CBRW shows current affairs programmes on Thursday evenings.

Cartoons are shown earlier in the day than sitcoms.

According to Susan, CBRW has got more adverts than other stations.

Adverts are a problem for TV stations.

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Listen again and complete the sentences.

a) Susan decides when people .

b) Viewers usually watch TV for at least at a time.

c) CBRW shows on Wednesday nights.

d) Soap operas are usually shown during .

e) CBRW tries to show before something important happens on the programme.

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DICTATION: Listen and complete the paragraph.

current ? . had . , didn't . member .

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