LISTENING: Travel Arrangements [****]

Listen to a dialogue at a tourist information centre and choose the correct answers.

a) Travelling by train is than travelling by coach. [faster / slower]

b) The tourist will see the during his trip. [English Channel / countryside]

c) The tourist should buy his tickets two before his trip. [weeks / days]

d) You cannot travel by the Eurostar one day a . [week / year]

e) The tourist come to the station to get his ticket. [has to / doesn't have to]

f) Planes the air more than trains. [pollute / don't pollute]

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Listen to the dialogue again and complete the chart with numbers.

a) The time it takes to travel from London to Paris on the Eurostar. hs and mins
b) The distance from London to Paris. kms
c) The speed of the train. km/h
d) The time spent in the tunnel. mins
e) The price of a single ticket in standard class. £
f) The price of a single ticket in first class. £

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DICTATION. Listen and complete the paragraph.

A on into . The on a . it's a . "only" million . So to your soon.

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