LISTENING: Cool Gym [****]

Listen to the dialogue between Jane and Bill. Choose the correct answers.

a) Jane wants to go to the gym to .
[lose weight / get fit / get in shape]

b) Jane thinks exercise classes are .
[fun / hard / boring]

c) Bill works out .
[at home / alone / with friends]

d) Bill .
[works in the garden / works in the gym / lift weights]

e) Jane thinks she will often go to the gym because it .
[costs money / is close to her house / is free]

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Listen again and complete the sentences.

a) Bill never took any at the gym.

b) Jane is interested in and classes.

c) To get to Cool Gym, Jane can take a .

d) Bill sometimes runs on the .

e) Jane promised her parents that she would go to the gym al least times a week.

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