LISTENING: An Art Lesson [****]

Listen to an art lesson and correct the mistakes in bold in the sentences below.

a) Op-Art became popular in the 1960s.

b) In the 1st picture, sailors seem to be walking up the stairs.

c) Escher is Danish.

d) Vasarely is from Finland.

e) The quiz is on Monday.

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Listen again and answer the questions. Use short answers.

a) What is unusual about the stairs in the first drawing?

They .

b) What is the name of the second drawing by Escher that is discussed?


c) Whose work is more abstract - Escher's or Vasarely's?


d) What did Vasarely draw in the pictures that are discussed?


e) Which textbook pages should the students study?

- .

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DICTATION: Listen and complete the text.

There . twenty . Both and . Some . artists' .

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