Write the words in the correct order to make questions.

a) the tallest student / is / who / in the school


b) eat / what / you / do / before a race


c) see / did / who / you / at the match


d) the most points / who / at the match / scored


e) has won / who / the most gold medals


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Complete the dialogue between Jill and her father. Then write 'S' next to the subject questions and 'O' next to the object questions.

Jill: What in Europe ?
Father: Football is the most popular sport in Europe.
Jill: Who ever ?
Father: Pelé is considered the best football player ever.
Jill: What ?
Father: I like tennis and basketball.
Jill: Who ?
Father: Roger Federer is my favourite athlete.
Jill: What when you were young ?
Father: I played basketball when I was young.
Jill: Who to play ?
Father: My father taught me to play.

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Look at the answers and write questions. Pay attention to the red words in the answers to help you.

a) ?

I watched a great tennis match yesterday.

b) ?

Serena and Venus Williams played the match.

c) ?

Serena won the match.

d) ?

She got a trophy and $850,000.

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