Read what these pet owners said and choose the correct answers.

a) "I must walk my puppy eight times a day." [had to / has to / musted]

Helen told us that she walk her puppy eight times a day.

b) "My parrot can talk." [can / could / would]

Tim said that his parrot talk.

c) "I found my dog at an animal shelter." [found / would find / had found]

Karen said that she her dog at an animal shelter.

d) "My dog likes a lot of exercise." [would like / likes / liked]

Bill told me that his dog a lot of exercise.

e) "We are taking our cat home from the animal hospital." [are taking / were taking / would take]

Ellen told me that they their cat home from the animal hospital.

f) "I've taught Heather how to take care of her fish." [would teach / taught / had taught]

Ted said that he Heather how to take care of her fish.

g) "It will be hard to find another horse like Star." [would be / will be / was]

Brian said that it hard to find another horse like Star.

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Tim works at a dolphin care centre in Australia. Read what he told visitors and complete the reported sentences.

a) "The centre opened in 2005."

Tim said that the centre in 2005.

b) "The centre protects dolphins in the Port Adelaide River."

Tim said that the centre dolphins in the Port Adelaide River."

c) "We will continue to teach young people about dolphin care."

Tim said that they to teach young people about dolphin care.

d) "We must prevent water pollution in the area."

Tim said that we water pollution in the area.

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Karen uses animals in special exercise classes for children in hospital. Read what she said and change the word in bold to complete the reported sentences.

a) "The animals don't live here in the hospital."

Karen explained that the animals didn't live in the hospital.

b) "I'm working with a girl in a wheelchair now."

Karen said that was working with a girl in a wheelchair .

c) "The girl met Browny, our dog, yesterday."

Karen told us that the girl had met Browny, dog, the day .

d) "She practised throwing him these dog toys."

Karen said that the girl had practised throwing him dog toys.

e) "We're taking Browny outside today."

Karen told us that were taking Browny outside .

f) "We'll play with Browny again tomorrow."

She said that they would play with Browny again the day.


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Linda told her friends about being a vegetarian. Complete the reported sentences.

a) "I became a vegetarian a year ago."

Linda said that a vegetarian .

b) "We must stop killing animals for food."

Linda said that we animals for food.

c) "You can be vegetarians and be healthy."

Linda told us that begetarians and be healthy.

d) "I have learned how to prepare vegetarian meals."

Linda said that how to prepare vegetarian meals.

e) "I feel really good about my decision to stop eating meat."

Linda said that really good to stop eating meat.

f) "I will be a vegetarian for the rest of my life."

Linda told us that a vegetarian for the rest .

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Janet Johnson investigates cases of mistreated animals. Read what a neighbour told her. Then complete the text using reported speech.

"My neighbours, the Millers, own two dogs and they don't take good care of them. I'm really worried. The Millers tie their dogs to a pole in the morning and leave them there the whole day. Yesterday, the dogs cried for hours. They also didn't have anything to drink. I am afraid something will happen to these dogs. Someone must rescue them."
A woman told Janet Johnson that , the Millers, two dogs and that . She said that she . She told Janet that the Millers to a pole in the morning and the whole day. She said that the dogs for hours. She also said that to eat. She added that something . She told Janet that someone .

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Complete the questions in reported speech.

a) "Has Dan ever been to the aquarium?" Ben asked.

Ben asked to the aquarium.

b) "When are they going to New York?" Sue asked.

Sue asked to New York.

c) "Will anyone adopt this poor dog?" asked John.

John asked poor dog.

d) "Why do they feed the animals in the evening?" Henry asked.

Henry asked the animals in the evening.

e) "What did Ryan say to the vet las week?" Helen asked.

Helen asked to the vet the week .

f) "Can you take the dog for a walk now?" Mum asked me.

Mum asked me the dog for a walk .

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Complete the sentences in reported speech.

a) "I found a mouse yesterday" Lisa said.

Lisa told me that a mouse the day .

b) "My snake only eats once a week" Ken said.

Ken said that .

c) "We should buy a fish tank tomorrow" Cindy said.

Cindy said that a fish tank the day .

d) "Is the cat sleeping now?" Ellen asked.

Ellen asked me .

e) "Will this puppy eat my shoes?" Richard asked.

Richard asked .

f) "You must go on a safari next year" Chris said to me.

Chris said that on a safari the year .

g) "Have you seen the elephant?" the vet asked us.

The vet asked the elephant.

h) "When did you see the lions?" Greg asked me.

Greg asked me the lions.

i) "I can help you get the money" Tim said to Sarah.

Tim said that the money.

j) "She had worked with animals" Bill said.

Bill said that with animals.

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Report what these people said in each situation. Use the reporting verbs in the box.

announce * complain * admit * explain * shout

a) The TV in the Smiths' hotel room isn't working.

The Smiths that .

b) It isn't safe to swim in the sea.

The lifeguard that to swim in the sea.

c) Terry got 100 in his maths exam.

The maths teacher that Terry .

d) Tom was late because his alarm didn't ring.

Tom that because .

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