Choose the correct relative pronoun. Then, match the paragraph with the pictures.

a) In 1972, a plane crashed in the Andes Mountains. The 16 people [where / that / which] survived were only rescued 72 days later.
b) Roy Sullivan was a man [when / who / which] was struck by lightning seven times. The seventh strike put him in the Guinness World Records.
c) Sir Ernest Shackleton was an explorer [where / when / who] wanted to cross the Antarctic. In 1914, after his ship was damaged, Shackleton and his team arrived at an island [where / that / when] they stayed for six months until they were rescued.
d) It was in 1982 [when / that / which] a storm struck Mount Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand. Mark Inglis and Phil Doole were on the mountain. They built an ice cave [which / where / who] protected them for 13 days.

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Write the correct relative pronoun; you can't use THAT. Then, match the sentences with the pictures.

a) People in New Orleans can't forget the day Hurricane Katrina hit.

b) Scientists study earthquakes are called seismologists.

c) Tornadoes happen in places warm and cool air meet.

d) An avalanche is a 'river' of snow moves down a mountain.

e) Chile is the country the strongest earthquake occurred.

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Choose the correct relative pronoun to complete the text.

Most people run from tornadoes, but there are some people try to get as near as they can to them. They are called 'storm chasers'. Roger Hill is one of the most famous storm chasers in the USA. Many of the videos he has filmed have been on TV. Hill grew up in an area there can be about 200 tornadoes a year. His career as a storm chaser started on a day he was sitting outside. Suddenly, he saw a tornado was forming. He quickly took his camera and drove as near to it as he could. Hill hasn't stopped chasing storms since that day. He also gives tours to people are interested in extreme weather. They go to places they can see hurricanes and tornadoes. STORM CHASERS

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Write sentences about famous disasters with the words below and relative pronouns.

a) San Francisco / the city / an earthquake / struck


b) Titanic / the ship / crashed / into an iceberg


c) 79AD / the year / Mount Vesuvius / erupted


d) A bakery / the shop / the Great Fire of London / began


e) A Dutch boy / the person / survived / a plane crash


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Join the sentences below with relative pronouns. Make any necessary changes.

a) Mary was in the hotel. The hotel was hit by a tsunami.


b) Jim is a scientist. Jim studies extreme weather.


c) These are the houses. The tornado destroyed them.


d) This is the girl. She was injured in the accident.


e) I'll never forget the time. There was a flood.


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Read the text and then complete the sentences about it using a relative pronoun. Don't use THAT!

Keswick is situated at the heart of the Lake District, it is the perfect place for a holiday. And the Derwent Hotel is the perfect place to stay, it overlooks the town. Peter and Debbie Jackson bought this small hotel three years ago and they have won a reputation for excellence. Peter's cooking attracts people from all over the country; he was once Young Chef of the Year. The comfort of the guests always comes first. The owners treat them almost as members of the family. Omar Shariff stayed in the hotel in the year 1975. He described it as 'marvellous'. And the Lake District will not disappoint you, it has so much wonderful scenery.

a) is the place situated.

b) The is a hotel the town.

c) are the people the hotel 3 years ago.

d) is the chef Young Chef of the Year.

e) are the people treat almost as members of the family.

f) is the year in the hotel.

g) has a wonderful scenery you.

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Join the sentences below with relative pronouns. Be careful! Some clauses need commas.

a) Crossford has 200 inhabitants. It's very far.

Crossford .

b) A girl made the arrangementes. It was Karen.

Karen .

c) Tom is deaf. He can't hear the phone.

Tom .

d) A man lost his wallet. It was Colin.

Colin .

e) The house was built in 1945. I was born in 1945.

The house .

f) A road leads to the farm. It isn't suitable for cars.

The road .

g) She works at Harrods. You can buy anything there.

She .

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