Look at the pictures. Then match the beginnings of the sentence on the left to their endings on the right.

a) The detective entered the news agent

b) After he had bought the newspaper,

c) He looked at his watch

d) By the time the taxi arrived,

e) When he threw the newspaper into the litter bin,

he had waited for more than ten minutes.

after he had left his office.

he walked along Oxford Street.

he had already had lunch.

after he had waited in front of the travel agency.

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Complete the sentences with the correct Past Perfect form of the verbs in brackets.

a) Someone (take) Mr Jones' newspaper before he woke up.

b) She (leave) some lights on before she went to sleep.

c) The police (not find) fingerprints until they checked the cupboard in the bedroom.

d) The animals (behave) strangely before the earthquake hit.

e) She didn't get on the train after someone (mug) her on the platform.

f) The police arrested the man after a witness (see) him near the shop.

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Look at the pictures, read the story and complete the sentences with the verbs in the box.

break * eat * open * take out of * draw * tie * spill * turn on

It was Tina's birthday party last weekend. When her mother left the room to get the cake, everything was fine. But by the time she got back, these things had happened:

a) Someone the TV.

b) Someone a picture on the wall.

c) Someone the orange juice.

d) Someone a plate.

e) Someone the cupboard.

f) Someone all the sandwiches.

g) Someone a little boy to a chair.

h) Someone the flowers out of the vase.

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Complete the sentences with the correct Past Perfect form of the verbs in the box.

become * shoot * enter * rob * catch

a) The guard was in hospital after the thief him.

b) Before the winter, the new crime drama the most popular show.

c) The adverts began just after the police the thief.

d) Jane's bike was stolen after she the shop.

e) The man was sent to prison for 15 years after he ten banks.

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