Choose the correct indefinite pronoun.

a) I don't know who has seen a tornado?

b) I met who survived a plane crash.

c) You shouldn't hold made of metal during a thunderstorm.

d) The earthquake ocurred in Turkey.

e) Were you near the volcano when it erupted?

f) Yes, there is you can do for me.

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Complete the dialogue with a correct indefinite pronoun.

Denise: Yesterday, I learned interesting about hurricanes.
Frank: I don't know about them.
Denise: Well, inside the hurricane, there is an eye. In the eye, the weather is calmer.
Frank: Have you ever seen one?
Denise: Yes, showed me a photograph.
Frank: How can take a photo of the eye of a hurricane? Isn't it dangerous?
Denise: Yes, but some pilots fly into hurricanes to collect information.
Frank: Really! I don't want to fly near a hurricane. I'll just look at the pictures.

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Match the beginnings in A with the endings in B.

a) I met someone ... ... know Anthony's phone number?
b) They could find ... ... somewhere in Germany.
c) They are travelling ... ... who studies earthquakes.
d) Does anybody ... ... anything interesting to tell me?
e) Have you got ... ... the missing man.

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