Choose the correct answers to complete the sentences.

a) You find the information easily if you browse the Internet. [don't / will / won't]

b) If you in the kitchen, you'll probably find your laptop computer. [looks / look / 'll look]

c) If the DVD player works, the film in a moment. [begins / will begin / won't begin]

d) He won't see the pictures if he scroll down the screen. [doesn't / will / won't]

e) If he that song, he'll make you a copy. [record / will record / records]

f) I'll use the other mouse if this one . [won't work / doesn't work / will work]

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Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. Use the First Conditional.

a) If you (turn on) the air conditioner, it (be) cool in here.

b) Sam (need) the vacuum cleaner if he (want) to clean the carpets.

c) If you (leave) me a message, I (call) you later.

d) I (not bake) a cake if the technician (not repair) the oven.

e) If she (run) on the treadmill, she (get) in shape.

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Choose the correct expression to complete these conditional sentences.

a) If I were a millionaire,

b) If Tim took piano lessons,

c) Steve would be very happy

d) I wouldn't complain

e) They would go on holiday

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Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. Use the Second Conditional.

a) If Kevin (use) a calculator, he (finish) his maths homework.

b) If Mary (buy) a dishwasher, washing up (be) easier.

c) Keith (get) to school faster if he (take) the bus.

d) Alice (not send) letters by post if she (have) e-mail.

e) Emma (find) information if she (browse) the Internet.

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Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. Use the Third Conditional. Then, write 1 or 2 to choose the correct explanation for each sentence.

a) If I (have) my voicemail, I (call) you back.

[1] I didn't hear your message, so I didn't call you.
[2] I only call people who leave messages.

b) If she (phone) them, she (receive) an answer sooner.

[1] They answered her immediately.
[2] They only answered her when she called them.

c) His trip (cost) more if he (fly) .

[1] His trip was cheaper because he didn't fly.
[2] His trip was more expensive because he didn't fly.

d) We (post) the pictures on our website if you (send) them to us.

[1] We didn't get your pictures, so we didn't post them.
[2] We got your pictures but we didn't post them.

e) He (repair) your car if he (bring) his equipment.

[1] He repaired your car without any equipment.
[2] He couldn't repair your car because he didn't have any equipment.

f) If she (be) careful, the fire (not start) .

[1] She tried to be careful but the fire started.
[2] She wasn't careful so there was a fire.

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Choose the correct answers to complete the dialogue.

Jim: If I were you, I 1 working on the science project.
Dave: I know. If I 2 a good idea, I would already have finished it. But unless I 3 today, it won't be ready on time. What are you working on?
Jim: A radio that transmits signals under the ground in emergencies. If someone gets trapped under a building, the rescue workers 4 them with this radio.
Dave: What a great invention! I'm sure people would buy it if you 5 to sell it.
Jim: Maybe you're right. If rescue workers had used it during the earthquake in Japan, they 6 more lives.

     1 would have started / will start / would start
     2) have / had / had had
     3) begin / don't begin / didn't begin

4) would have heard / would hear / will hear
5) tried / would have tried / would try
6) will save / would save / would have saved

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Write conditional sentences for each situation. Use the words below.

a) You went to bed late. You were tired the next day.

     I / not go / to bed / late - I / not be / tired / the next day

     If .

b) She doesn't have enough money so she can't buy a new computer.

     she / have / enough money - she / buy / a new computer

     if .

c) He hasn't closed his bag. A thief is going to steal his wallet.

    he / not close / his bag - a thief / steal / his wallet

    If .

d) They didn't watch the match so they didn't know the result.

    they / watch / the match - they / know / the result

    if .

e) You want to go hiking next weekend. The weather should be good.

    we / go / hiking / next weekend - the weather / be / good

    If .

f) Scientists have predicted that cars could fly in 2050. I would like to have one.

    cars / fly / in the future - I / buy / one

    If .

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